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This page displays an up-to-date listing of changes to our customer support web. We'll also place notices here regarding product updates, scheduled releases, or problems and solutions that may affect all customers. When problems reported by our customers get fixed, we'll place a notice here, along with an estimate of when the fix will be shipped.

Latest News


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  • Abacus Version 4.12

    • Abacus version 4.12 upgrade released on 4/4/2002.



      This is the final 16 bit release of Abacus, all future upgrades will be available on a 32 bit platform ie Windows 95 or above. This release of abacus will continue to be supported in the usual way but will have no further upgrades, however bug fixes will continue to be provided.

      The method of distribution will changed, so from version 5.00 you will get the upgrades from our website WWW.ABACUSONLINE.NET .

      In order to prepare for the next release of Abacus you need to ensure that your systems are able to run in a 32 bit environment. You need to be running Windows 95 or above on ALL workstations and your server must be running Netware 5.1 or above, NT 4.0 or windows 2000.

      The following changes and enhancements have been made to this release of Abacus:-

      1) AUTO STOCK CHECKER You can now do a stock check for one supplier.

      Use F5 search for a supplier

      2) LETTER/LABEL PRINT Don't select if send letter is set to N in customer maintenance.

      3) PRICE TICKET PRINT You can print the price in Euros or £ and Euros.

      4) EURO CONVERSION New program to revalue all data and convert to Euros (Currently only applicable to users in Ireland).

      5) TERMINAL OPTIONS New field for base currency. You must change this option for ALL terminal codes you have setup to either GBP or EUR if in Ireland.

      6) TILL You can make payments in 2 currencies.

      7) REMOTE IMPORT Now sends purchase orders.

      9) POSTCODE SALES ANALYSIS Not printing anything when you selected a date range.

      10) SYSTEM OPTIONS New field for base currency. You must change this option for ALL terminal codes you have setup to either GBP or EUR if in Ireland.

      11) PRODUCT MAINTENANCE Only validate barcodes if you have a reference in system options.

      12) DESPOOLER You can now press F9 to delete ALL spool files for this user regardless of whether they have been printed or not.

      13) PRODUCT INFO EXPORT Now exports purchase orders.

      14) PRODUCT INFO IMPORT Now imports purchase orders.

      15) JOB ENQUIREY Stop going back to enter customer number when looking at transactions.

      16) SALES SUMMARY Now prints the margin.

      17) PRODUCT ENQUIRY Display the transactions in order of newest first.

      New option F9 to display all purchase orders for this product.

      18) BIKES ON HIRE REPORT Print the invoice number.

      19) INCENTIVE REPORT New report, prints sales, profit & discount for each sales person.

      20) PRODUCT DELETION Option to delete none current products that have not been sold or booked into stock.

      Display the next part number.


      Please check that you have the following part numbers setup on your system in product maintenance. These are control accounts and are used by the system.

      PART NO 99990 = DEPOSIT

      99991 = COLLECTION

      99992 = USED BIKE

      99993 = CUSTOMERS OWN BIKE

      99994 = LABOUR

      99995 = PAYOUT'S

      99996 = DISCOUNT

      99997 = LOYALTY VOUCHER

      99998 = WORKSHOP USAGE


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  • Abacus V5.00

    • This is a full 32 bit version of Abacus
    • The key changes in version 5.00 are as follows:

      1.       Product Search:

      The GUI (Graphical User Interface) search has been extended to all areas of the system. There are a few further enhancements:


      ·         The cursor defaults to Model as opposed to Make. There is now the ability in User Maintenance to adjust this default to Detail if required.

      ·         The searches can be carried out on Current Only, In Stock, or All – again this is tuneable in User Maintenance.

      ·         Searches can be adjusted to search for Major, Minor or Both.

      ·         The screen has been extended to list promo prices if used.

      ·         The size and colour boxes are there in preparation for the size and colour matrix launch.

      ·         The enter key can be used in any field, as opposed to a mouse click. In addition, for those who don’t wish to use a mouse, the tab keys can also be used to navigate.


      Please note that the Make field will find any makes keyed into the system, but must be used in conjunction with any of the other fields and not on it’s own.

      2.       Spooler:

      User Maintenance allows the spooler to be automatically turned off or on for each user. The deletion of files now prompts for a confirmation before proceeding.

      3.       Workshop System:

      ·         Fault code input – as well as the headline code, there is now the ability to enter up to 17 lines of detail for work required to be carried out, relating to the particular code. This then copies this information to the ‘work to be done’ box and details it on the job card. Up to 99 fault codes are enabled and they can be fully tuned by the users. Remember to leave a few lines spare, in order that any bespoke work required can also be detailed.

      ·         A 2 digit salesman’s code is now required when booking in jobs, this then carries to the o/s jobs report, service enquiry and job card, in order that any queries concerning jobs can be directed at the individual who took them in.

      ·         Default location – upon entering Service Call Logging the current location is now set as a default.

      ·         Free flowing text – the system now moves to next line without the need to press enter

      ·         Help Boxes – The main options: 01, 02, 03, 14, 15, 20 all now have help boxes within them.

      ·         Job Docket Input – now permits entry of discount by using F2 and entering a percentage. It also considers discounts set up in customer maintenance. Using F10 can now rectify mistakes. F4 Labour works with the control product 99994 which should be set at the minimum value of labour and used by selling quantities of labour, this enables separate labour analysis through the sales analysis program.

      ·         The Out on Hire report now prints the invoice/ transaction number.

      4.       Customer Programs:

      ·         Customer Enquiry – The e-mail address has been added here (and also in Enquiry by Customer). This program now displays transaction numbers.

      ·         Various means of contact have been enabled In Customer Enquiry:  F1 opens a word document (case translation on next version), F2 launches Outlook Express and send an e-mail (if dial up available), F3 SMS – watch this space, F5 allows a print of the transaction history on the account.

      ·         Customer Enquiry – the turnover calculation was taking into account deposit/ payments, this has been fixed, but will not adjust historical transactions. Customer orders are now highlighted in grey on this screen.

      ·         The Customer Search now works with the postcode database, so when searching for a customer a portion of the address or postcode may be input to provide a more targeted search. Again – enter can now be used here.

      ·         The Address Finder program (System Maint. menu) allows postcodes to be sourced from the postcode database (provided this is installed and subscribed to).

      ·         The Letter/ Label Print has had the ‘date sold from’ aspect fixed, so that this now operates accurately. In addition there is now the ability to create bulk e-mails on the various criteria.

      5.       Purchase Ordering:

      ·         Help windows have been introduced to the following options on the menu: 01, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

      ·         Order Amendment – F10 enables items to be cancelled.

      ·         The Carriage Paid amount per supplier can be added in Supplier Maintenance, which will then be displayed in Auto Re-Ordering when processing orders. (The next version will include a more intelligent version of this, prompting when Purchase Orders are printed if carriage paid is not reached).

      ·         Order Receipts & Order Amendment now has a highlight on the current line being used.

      ·         Auto Reordering – now displays and prompts the quantity per outer total.

      6.       Stock Control:

      ·         Help boxes have been introduced to options: 01, 02, 04, 06, 07, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19.

      ·         The Trend Analysis Program now has a print and summarise by category option, which sub-totals each category of products.

      ·         Sales Summary now has the ability to run on either 1st or 2nd field category.

      ·         The Sales Analysis & Discount Analysis programs both now have the correct margin %age calculation.

      ·         The Sales Monitor program allows a back-office machine to be logged in and display the cumulative turnover for the day across the network.

      7.       Till Program:

      ·         VAT exempt sales can now be carried out through adjusting the option in System Options.

      ·         The Fast-Track till now displays a red background in order to clearly differentiate it from standard mode.

      ·         Invoice Print – the error that limited the quantity of products that could be printed on an invoice has now been fixed.

      8.       General Points:

      ·         American format dates have been corrected in Auto Re-ordering and the Non-Movers report.

      ·         A Best Before Date has been introduced as an option in System Options for some users. If this option is enabled, it will request the entry of a date in Stock Received, which will then appear on the product label.

      ·         UGM minutes point 10 – glitch in the mail merge – this has now been fixed.

      ·         UGM minutes point 15 – merging fields – has been fixed

      ·         UGM minutes point 40 – Job card print, receipt first – unfortunately this cannot be done.

      ·         Abacus is now compatible with ‘Dallas Keys’ similar to those used in the licence trade, to offer enhanced user security and protection. Please contact us for further information.

      9.       Things we did not get done:


      In accordance with the User Group Meeting minutes, the following issues could not be done for this upgrade, primarily due to complications that would cause an unreasonable delay:


      ·         The Estimate Cost Field in Job Docket Input.

      ·         Major items sold through the Workshop System.

      ·         Print Service Invoice when job complete.

      ·         Non-Movers report – issue with the products created and received beyond the specified date.

      ·         Print out help boxes.


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Abacus Version 5.10

Abacus - Version 5.10 Changes:

 1.      The till program is now GUI, enabling many more features to be incorporated. This has been phased in and still changes over to the character screen at certain stages. We felt that such a phasing of the most crucial part of the system would be preferable, as opposed to an entirely new program function.

 The main features are: 

·         Access to customer maintenance to amend customer details

·         Access to customer enquiry to check balances and transactions

·         Lost sales feature to record lost business (see below)

·         Source of Business feature (see below)

·         Access and activation of the quotation system (see below)

·         The sale in progress can be viewed and the total appears larger

 2.      The Menu structures have been adjusted to move certain reports to more appropriate menus. The main changes are the removal of stock and sales analysis reports to the new Reports menu (Option 15 main menu). This is where most sales and stock reports can now be found. This will have an impact of the security matrix settings in the system, so please adjust accordingly.

 3.      The Customer and Supplier maintenance screens have also now gone to GUI. This means that they are more adaptable and easy to adjust, as well as enabling access from other programs, as per above. Customer Maintenance will default to the creation screen if a search is unsuccessful.

 4.      The VAT problem with multi-buy has now been resolved. Any customer who has put significant sales through multi-buy, please make contact in order that we can advise of any potential VAT problems or issues.

 5.      Order Amendment now allows amendment by line and entire order.

 6.      The Kit Selling and Quotation module is now active and can be found in the main menu. This module is designed to facilitate the quotation and selling of a group of products, applying discounts and adjustments, which can be recalled, adjusted, allocated to a customer and ultimately generated as a final transaction through the till program.  Once a quotation has been saved you have an option to print or email it out. We have carried out detailed testing, but welcome any feedback in order to streamline its operation as much as possible. Full instructions can be found on the attached sheet.

 7.      Workshop System Changes:

 ·         For the building new of bikes, the system now carries minor items across. This simplifies picking and checking when mechanics are building and fitting accessories on new bikes.

·         The Service Invoice will now print automatically once the job has been updated. This option can be turned on and off in System Options (Screen no 1 Option ‘D’) If it is selected as on, but not required for a particular job, cancel will permit skipping this and running it later.

·         The Job Card now displays the ‘estimate amount’ and ‘taken in by’ fields.

·         The Service Invoice has been reformatted and carries across the ‘work done by’ field.

·         Customer details can now be amended from here by using F4.

·         All reverse dates in the workshop system have been dealt with. Please advise if you find any more lurking anywhere.

 8.      Product Search – the search by Make only has been re-enabled by request. This must be done in conjunction with entering a star (*) in the model or description field. There is now an option to print the results of the search.

 9.      Lost Sales – This can be found in the till program, where by clicking the lost sales tab a window opens up, enabling a part number to be input and applicable comments recorded. For those items not in stock, we recommend creating a ‘Lost Sale’ product, where the details can then be recorded in the notes. The appropriate price in this instance can be inserted in the price box. These details all carry to the lost sales report (in reports menu - 15), which can be run for a given date range, either by transaction, or summarised. (Note – in the instance of a summary, the notes are not relevant).

 10.  Source Of Business – This is also in the till program, where for each transaction a source of business can be applied from 12 pre-determined selections. This option is in its 1st stage and we welcome any comments as to its operation and/ or more options required. The report can then be found in the reports menu (15) and is run by date range with location and category options applied.

 11.  Sales Analysis – This is now GUI, ensuring that once familiar with the pre-determined selections, the issue with having to key through multiple selections in the dos screen is alleviated.

 12.  Promo RRP – The ability to print a report with promo RRP’s only is now enabled in the Price List.

 13.  Purchase ledger – the date for the 1st invoice entered in a batch now carries to the following invoice entry (as it does in sales ledger)

 14.  Sales Ledger – the nominal code can be repeated in a batch posting by pressing enter over the nominal code for subsequent postings in the same batch.

 15.  Price List print – the differentiation of Summer/ Winter/ All products now works accurately.

16.  OverStock Report – In menu 15 lists all items, which are in stock and over their maximum level. Any feedback welcome, this report will be developed further.

 17.  Further new Menu Options have been introduced:

 ·         Marketing (Menu 13) now holds all reports and functions related to marketing such as; Mailshot, Loyalty features, E-mail, Postcode functions etc.

 ·         Website (Menu 14) – allows the export of Abacus files to a website – please ask for further details.

 ·         Returns (Menu 17) and Hire (Menu 18) – now hold all options relating to these features of the system.

 ·         Service System – Service Call Logging and Job Docket Input have been renamed ‘Book In Service’ and ‘Service Update’ respectively.

18.  Help Screens – a print option has been introduced. Also a Help screen has been introduced for Kit Selling/ Quotation system.

 19.  The F10 support screen has now been changed to GUI. If you have internet access you can click on the www.abacusonline.net icon and it will take you directly to our website.

 20.  Purchase order print now has an option to email the order directly to the supplier. In order to use this option you must have an internet connection available and enter the relevant email address in supplier maintenance.

 21.  Sales summary – The second category is now working.

 22.  Despooler – When printing via windows it will now default to A4 and Landscape.


This module is designed to allow the generation of a quotation for any combination of goods stored on the system, to manipulate the prices where required and finally activate it to a sale through the till program.

 If recalling an existing quote - enter reference number, for new estimates select 'enter'.

 Enter the 2-digit user code (same as used in till prog).

 For customer, either enter a customer number or F5 opens customer search screen.

* Note you cannot create a customer here.

 In the next box enter the 1st part number for the quote, or F5 search and select. If necessary adjust the quantity and/ or the price and click 'add line'. If the price and qty don't require to be adjusted, hit 'enter' twice and this will automatically add the line.

(Note - products cannot be created in this program).

 As many lines as necessary may then be added

 If a line requires to be amended, select the line with a mouse click, and adjust the price or the quantity in the box at the top of the screen - then click 'amend line'. It is essential when carrying out this process that this procedure is followed.

 To remove a line, simply highlight the appropriate line and click 'remove line'.

Note - lines may also be added at any time.

 Cost Prices and Margin can be displayed by clicking the 'cost prices' button - this works like an on/ off switch.

 A discount %age may then be entered in the box at the bottom, which will apply the percentage entered to all items on the quote. If say for example 10% is selected,

Which is then to be changed to 5%, the 'reset to RRP' box must be clicked before re-inserting a further discount amount.

 If variable discounts are required, the prices may be manually overwritten by selecting the lines and using the amend feature. These adjustments will then carry down to the calculations at the bottom, detailing the price adjustment and margin generated. Note - The margin %age allows for VAT.

 Notes may be inserted in the box at the bottom of the page.

 The quote has a unique sequential number applied to it, but only after the 'save quote' tab has been selected. This will exit the program. It is recommended that the quote be saved as early as possible, to avoid losing any calculations. Only after it has been saved can it then be printed/e-mailed etc.

 The sequential number is then stored in the 'notes' section of the customer account enquiry. Therefore the only data required to recall the details is the customers name and address. Once a quote has been saved, it may be revisited and revised as many times as required, however ensure that it changes are made that the 'save quote' button is selected every time.

 The quotes upon completion may be printed, faxed or e-mailed, provided the appropriate software is in place for the latter two methods.

Upon agreeing a quote with the customer, it can then be recalled and converted in the till program, by using the 'convert quote' tab. The quote reference number is all that is required to activate the sale.

 This automatically generates the sale at the agreed prices to the appropriate customer account, it also allows for major item frame numbers to be input as normal.

 There are only 2 instances in which this system will fail:

 1. If the product is a major item and there are none in stock.

2. If the product is a minor item, not in stock and the system options do not permit 'minus' quantities.

 The sale will then proceed as normal. Once the quote items have automatically been allocated and sold, further items may be added to the sale if required.

 Upon completion of the transaction the applicable quotation reference number stores the receipt number for the sale, in order to establish which quotes have been converted and which have not.

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Abacus Version 5.20

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Abacus Version 5.30

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SMS Text Messages

There is now the facility to send SMS text messages directly to a mobile phone from within Abacus.

This function needs to be activated by issuing a password that needs to be entered into the system options.


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