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Chip and Pin Solutions from Abacus

As you are no doubt aware new legislation will make the retailer liable for
credit card fraud from August 2004 unless the sale is  verified using a chip
and pin machine and all retailer must support Chip and Pin by January 2005.

Abacus Online has entered partnership with Commidea and Verifone to provide
an integrated solution with Abacus Software to be released in version 5.30
Software. To use this software you will need a compatible Chip and Pin machine
from Verifone. We are pleased to be able to offer two solutions, the wireless
3600 unit and the wired 3750 unit each unit can be used as a stand alone chip
And pin device or linked to your Abacus System. There is no need to change
merchant bank and your merchant rates should be unaffected by the transfer.
These machine are offered at competitive rates comparable to current PDQ
solutions and connect via the internet  over broadband saving on costly phone
calls and line rentals.

There are many options to consider so please call us today for advice and pricing.










Abacus Online Ltd
Direct Tel: 0870 442 8240
Fax: 0870 442 8241
email: nick@abacusonline.net





































































































































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